Troubleshooting Siebel Web Services: No Active Web Service

Siebel 7.8 has the concept of inbound and outbound web services which provide a great deal of integration points with the Siebel application. It doesn’t mean that integration is straight forward though. Knowledge of the Siebel data model is a must. One thing that always catches me out when I set up a web service in the Siebel environment is this runtime error which is the fault returned when an operation on the generated WSDL is invoked:

There is no active Web Service with
operation named 'xxx'.
( SBL-EAI-04313 )

Getting a WS-I compliant web services working is a simple process in the ‘Administration – Web Services’ view:

  1. Select web service and change status to Active
  2. Select operation and change binding to ‘SOAP_DOC_LITERAL’
  3. Click on Generate WSDL button and save the WSDL file
  4. Click on Clear Cache button.

It’s the ‘Clear Cache’ button step I always forget. Perhaps now that I’ve written about it I won’t forget the next time and I hope you don’t either. However, if you ever come across SBL-EAI-04313 when you try to use a web service for the first time, click on the Clear Cache button before checking anything else.