Get notified about new releases

In a previous post I mentioned how to check the version of ORDS you’re using. How do you findout that there is a new release of Oracle REST Data Services available?

One option is to follow @OracleREST on twitter. You’ll get more than just updates on releases too so it’s well worth it.

Another option is to use a website monitoring service to track the download page. The URL could change, but for now, it’s

As an example, here are the steps to use the visualping free service plan to monitor the ORDS download page once a day. We are relying on the URL for ORDS downloads to remain the same and for the positioning of release information to remain in the same place on the page. If any of that changes, the monitoring job definition will have to change.

The obvious first step is to sign up and create an account. Once logged in, create a monitoring job.

Enter the ORDS download page URL, press GO. When the image renders, position the monitoring box. This defines the section of the page that will be monitored for changes.
Give the job a name. The type is Visual Compare which is checked everyday for tiny changes.
When a change is identified you’ll receive an email like this one

There are alternative website monitoring software available to you. Some are free and some you have to install and run yourself. The above concept of tracking the ORDS download page for changes can be used in most.

Either way, following @OracleREST is always a good idea.

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