Unplug a jar from Oracle REST Data Services

Oracle REST Data Services has a plugin programming model which allows for an incredible degree of extensibility in the product. The Getting Started guide provides a walk through of creating a plugin to add custom functionality. After developing the plugin, the key command to add it to ORDS is:

java -jar ords.war plugin built/plugin-demo.jar

From time to time, it may be necessary to remove the custom jar. There is not a specific command in ORDS to do that but there is an option with ZIP at the command line. In this case, the plugin-demo.jar is packaged in the ords.war at WEB-INF\lib so unplugging it is as simple as this on Windows:

zip -d ords.war WEB-INF\lib\plugin-demo.jar

On Linux or Mac, that would be:

zip -d ords.war WEB-INF/lib/plugin-demo.jar

It really is that easy.

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