Broadband in India

Normally I would not provide a link to a site without a privacy policy. However, for India Broadband Forum I will make an exception with a warning: do not post, just browse for information to see what others are saying about broadband providers in India. The reason I’m doing this is to highlight the huge differences in services provided in different regions. This is important particularly if you are relying on staff in India to work from home at times that overlap with Eastern or Pacific timezones.

You could use the World Speed Test to compare download and upload speeds between regions, cities and service providers in India. Mumbai (10.08 Mbps max) is better off than Madra (9.09 Mbps max), which in turn is better off than Bangalore (7.21 Mbps max). This, however, only gives you part of the picture. The forum, with it’s groups and blogs can give you better insight into user’s experiences with reliability, cost and support. Fast internet access removes one of the barriers to effective distributed teams.

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