1 Year Old Today!

It was exactly one year ago that the SOA Station blog went on air. For me, it is really interesting to look back over the content posted and compare it to what was originally envisaged. What is immediately obvious is the broad range of topics within the SOA subject: Security, Governance, Scalability, Quality & Reliability, and of course Interoperability.

Over the entire year, according to Google Analytics, the site received 28.11 visits per day. There was a dramatic increase in September when the blog was listed on Oracle Blogs. Visits per day since then works out as 39.13. Since the beginning of this year, the visits per day is at 51.58. This increase is really encouraging. People are obviously accessing the blog from work as the number of site visits on a Saturday and Sunday are tiny.

The top content (most number of views) is:

  1. SCA Diagram stencil for Visio
  2. Java IBAN check digit validation
  3. Custom XSLT functions in Oracle BPEL and ESB
  4. Oracle Lite and SOA Suite
  5. JAX-WS & JAXB rock and roll…

One thing that did surprise me was the level of interest in the industry specific functionality, rather than the generic technical content. The IBAN Check Digit Validation article is one of the post popular on the site. I’ll certainly look into providing more industry specific content. Suggestions welcome.

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