GZIP compression failed for a static resource.

Sometimes it can be hard to get to the root cause of an error reported by software which makes it even more difficult solve it. This org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException with message GZIP compression failed for a static resource is one of those. There can be any number of root causes with this exception. One of them is memory. Or rather the lack of it.

With ORDS 22.1.0, and later, the default memory Java heap size may not be ideal for your specific work load. Static documents, or even the size of large result sets, read into memory might cause your request processing to hit a limit.

Memory options for Java applications can be set at runtime. To achieve this with ORDS set the JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable before starting ORDS. For example

export JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xmx512m"
ords --config /scratch/ords-config/ serve

You should see output from the Java runtime environment stating that it has applied the options at startup..

NOTE: Picked up JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512m

ORDS: Release 22.1 Production on Tue May 03 15:00:27 2022

Identifying the values that are applicable to your environment does require some investigation and perhaps some trial and error in some cases. Now you know though, a GZIP compression error can have memory issues as the root cause and you also know how to fix it.

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