Multi Byte String Generator

Click to go to launch page.

Fusion Applications uses Oracle Data Integrator as part of the data bulk import feature which includes migration and file import. While working on the Opportunity Bulk Import we had to ensure that multi byte characters were imported correctly. The majority of the test data we had to work with was from Siebel demo data used in North America. As a consequence, most of the data was ASCII and single byte. Just so we could generate multi byte strings for developer testing I put together a little Java Web Start application called Multi Byte String Generator.

It has a simple interface where you specify the number of bytes you want per character (1 to 3) and what the number of characters you want. The randomly generated string is displayed and you can copy it to your clipboard (using the Copy to Clipboard button) and paste it into your application or test fixture. Due to the security features of Java Web Start, you will be prompted to allow the application to access your local clipboard. Some additional information about how many bytes the string occupies in UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoding is also displayed.

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