Irish software at Oracle OpenWorld 2010

Preparation for the trio of Oracle’s major conferences (Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, Oracle Develop) has been underway for months, but once September comes around the pace really quickens. The final touches get put to product demonstration scripts, keynote speeches, and honing the elevator pitch. In product development you know it’s September because you can not find a product manager without scheduling a meeting days in advance. Of course, this is not unique to Oracle. There will be over 300 exhibitors at Oracle OpenWorld and many of them will be making sure their product or service is presented in the best possible manner. Having announced a major certification over the summer with Oracle’s Global License Management Services, the staff at one Irish software company will be no different.

iQuate is an Irish software company which produces network inventory and network management solutions for large, complex networks. Using a multitude of protocols iQuate queries PCs, servers, network devices, databases to not only build up a profile of what is installed, but also what is actually being used. This information allows companies to potentially save a fortune on their software licencing fees, by simply not paying for what they are not using. Check them out at stand 3130 in the Moscone Center, West Exhibition Hall, Level 1.

Come to thing of it, Oracle has development centres around the world and the Dublin offices have staff working on server technology, tools and application software. So some portions of the Oracle software on show will have been made in Ireland too! 🙂

Is iQuate really the only Irish software company exhibiting? It is the only one on the list of exhibitors with an Irish HQ. There might be other software companies that originated in or do the majority of their development in Ireland but have not listed an Irish address as their headquarters when registering as an exhibitor. In an effort to get into the US market and not appear as a foreign company, some businesses move their HQ to the US. This also demonstrates their commitment to the market. If you know of any other Irish software companies exhibiting this year please let me know and I would be delighted to include them.

One thought on “Irish software at Oracle OpenWorld 2010

  1. Hi Peter,Just saw this now! Thanks for the mention :)OOW was good – speaking at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando last year was perhaps better…We're back (at both) this year also.Drop me a line – we haven't spoken in an age!JK


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