More than Iron Man – Oracle and Marvel

At the beginning of April 2010, Oracle, using the buzz around the release of Iron Man 2, kicked off a worldwide advertising campaign focused on introducing the powerful combination of Oracle and Sun. This includes old school billboards and commercials on a variety of old and new media platforms…

All this makes for some fantastic visuals, but how exactly is Marvel using Oracle? The list of Oracle products being used by Marvel is diverse:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite, including Financials, Human Resources, Self Service HR, Manufacturing and Incentive Compensation
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
  • Oracle Configurator
  • Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite (formerly Stellent)
  • Oracle Insight

Further information on how Marvel is able to keep track of inventory, and manage the budget on epics like Iron Man, is revealed in Support for Superheroes, Avengers, Assemble! and Marvel Entertainment Grows its Business with Oracle (video)

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