Best in class for digital camera advice

Now that I’m doing more Flex development I’m branching out into all sorts of wonderful animations, charts, and countless ways to navigate through and manipulate images. So, after years of ‘server side’ I’m discovering pictures! I’m also discovering that lot’s of people I know include photography amongst their list of hobbies. Some of them go even further by trying to make some money out of it, and they do, sometimes. Of course it doesn’t necessarily always cover the cost of the equipment. Or at least I thought so until I started noticing that not everyone is using a hi-tech superduper gizmo and gadgets to take good photos. Quite a few use cameras from the Canon PowerShot range because they are fast, but not ridiculously expensive.

After a while you begin to notice that they actually have more than one camera, quite a few actually. So how do they choose which is right one? Many are using BestInClass to research digital cameras in particular. Using the unbiased recommendations of qualified hobbyists and professionals, and a clever set of simple search criteria, this simple site is a good place to start when looking for best in class advice on digital cameras.

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