Oracle Directory Manager and Application Development

Oracle Directory Manager is a Java-based tool for administering Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP). The Oracle Directory Manager is the main directory administration tool and it is installed with Oracle Internet Directory.

When developing applications there is often one or more central LDAP directories for developers to use. When working on a new application it is often necessary to reset entries, test scenarios, etc. However, it is unlikely that everyone’s desktop will have the entire OID installation. On my desk alone there are 3 desktop machines, and one laptop and non of them have the full Identity Management stack. In fact, the laptop is from when I was with Siebel so, although it was manufactured this century, it has little more than JDeveloper, Thunderbird and Oracle Calendar running on it.

One easy way to have Oracle Directory Manager on every developer’s machine, but not having to install anything else, is to take advantage of the fact that it is a Java application.

To achieve this, copy some jars (over 15 of them!) from the ORACLE_HOME/jlib and the ORACLE_HOME/ldap/oidadmin directories to a directory on your PC. Let’s call it oidadmin. Keep the directory structures. The entire list of jars is below. The main class is oracle.ldap.admin.client.NavigatorFrame and there are a few parameters that need to be passed to it. The entire command line is too long to type, let alone remember, so put it all in a file called oidadmin.cmd (when on windows) in the same oidadmin directory.


-classpath "./ldap/oidadmin/osdadmin.jar;

The above is formatted for readability and should be all on the one line. On windows I create shortcut on the desktop to the command file. The final touch is to use the OID Directory Manager icon for the shortcut. Any machine with Java can become a OID Directory Manager machine which I have found really useful for demonstrations and collaboration with developing new solutions.

2 thoughts on “Oracle Directory Manager and Application Development

  1. Nice tip! I just wanted to add that Oracle Database 10g Client software installation also carries ODM and installing a full OID is not required if one is interested in just ODM.


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