Changing post-installation configuration for Oracle Access Manager Identity Server

Oracle Access Manager is an enterprise scale solution for both centralized identity management and access control. It integrates out-of-the-box with all leading directory servers, application servers, web servers, and enterprise applications. By protecting resources at the point of access and delegating authentication and authorization decisions to a central authority, Access Manager helps secure web, J2EE, and enterprise applications. It also provides self service administration functionality, complying with the authentication and authorization policies that are defined centrally. Not only that, Access Manager has API’s for customisation and integration, making it possible address a number of functional and non-functional requirements for security solutions in different industries. However, it’s most topical feature is it’s Single Sign-on capabilities. Making it a very attractive solution for enterprise deployment of SOA software solutions.

As you would expect with software that does so much, there is a lot involved in setting up Oracle Access Manager. Although it is not very complicated, there are a significant number of steps which have to be done right. Thankfully, these steps are set out in an Oracle By Example series which provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks by integrating Oracle Virtual Directory with Oracle Access Manager.

When setting up Identity Server and Web Pass there is a post-installation configuration sequence which is really straight forward. However, if you make a mistake, which is not addressed before the setup completes, how do you change these settings? Here’s how…

The post-installation configuration process involves a number of screens. The status of the configuration is maintained by the Identity Server in identity/oblix/config/setup.xml. To trick the Identity Server to take you through the post-installation configuration process again when you click on the ‘Identity System Console’, you have to edit this file.

Simply comment out the ‘status’ NameValPair element. Save the file and restart both the Identity Server and HTTP Server. Then, go back over the Postinstallation Configuration for Oracle Access Manager Identity Server as normal. Voilà!

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