Oracle XE default port and windows firewall

SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview 3 needs an Oracle database and Oracle XE (the free database edition) is ideal as the installation is so straight forward. By default the installation sets the database listener port to 1521 and the http server port to 8080. If these ports are already in use on your machine, the installer will prompt you to specify an available port number.

Figure 1. Choosing another port number. This dialog box only gets displayed during installation if port is in use or blocked by firewall.

On a Windows XP installation the Oracle XE installer reports that a port is in use if that port number is being blocked by the firewall. Disabling the firewall is generally not a good idea as, along with anti-virus software, it provides a crucial defence for your machine, network and business.

The windows firewall settings can be found in the Control Panel. Just add the default port numbers to the firewall exception list. Once that is done, one can switch back to the ‘Choose Port’ dialog, put the default value in and continue with the Oracle XE installation.

Figure 2. Keep the firewall ‘On’ and go to the Exceptions list.
Figure 3. Adding the Oracle XE port 1521 to the Exceptions list.

4 thoughts on “Oracle XE default port and windows firewall

  1. Atul,Oracle XE installation does not have an advanced install option while Oracle Database does. Is it possible that you are referring to the standard Oracle Database and not Oracle Database Express Edition? Regards,Peter


  2. Hi Frenke, yes, during installation if the port is in use you will be prompted for an available one. This is mentioned in the article. Remember that the point of the article is to highlight that a firewall on the O/S can confuse the installer and it will think the port is already in use when in fact that port is actually available.Peter


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