Announcing: Technology Preview for SOA Suite 11g

Within the past week the 3rd technology preview of JDeveloper 11g was made available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website. For me, the most significant aspect of this preview is that it includes a preview of the long awaited SOA Suite 11g which supports the Service Component Architecture (SCA) specification. This Technology Preview release of Oracle SOA Suite 11g showcases the support for SCA through the new composite assembly editor in JDeveloper as well as a unified service engine foundation for the full set of SOA Suite components.

The SOA Suite 11g software is available within the JDeveloper 11g environment – yes, that’s right! You only install JDeveloper and you also get the SOA Suite server side for deploying your 11g composite applications!

Go to OTN for instructions and details for the SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview. Be sure to read the Quick Start & Installation Guide and remember that you will need an Oracle database installed. This one is definitely worth taking for a test drive!

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