SOA Governance isn’t about technology either…

Steve Jones summarises a few of the points from a recent ICSOC 2007 debate on SOA Governance and mentions some enforcement ideas in his recent Service Architecture – SOA: SOA Governance isn’t about technology either… article. He makes a good point about people and process.

In the same way that the Rules of the Road is not about what car you drive but about your behaviour and the behaviour of other road users. The reason we have Rules of the Road is because we know, and people recognise, the cause and effect of accidents as well as traffic chaos.

Highlighting SOA anti-patterns (e.g. IBM Article, SOA anti-patterns book) is a good start in bringing to people’s attention poor ‘driver behaviour’. However, as governance is really a business, rather than technical issue, and the business should be the ‘driver’, we also need a higher level exposition (ala Who moved my cheese?) of good business practice around ‘doing IT right’. Any volunteers?

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