Finding your SOA sweet spot

Quocirca is a UK based research and analysis firm that particularly focuses on the business impact of IT. In a recent article ‘SOA – Dead or Alive?‘, Clive Longbottom raises the issue faced by ISVs in selling SOA solutions. Not all SOA initiatives have to be strategic and at the enterprise level, which is where a lot of the bigger software firms are more comfortable making their pitch.

Reflecting this need for tactical SOA solutions to evolve into a strategic game plan, Oracle outlines a SOA Maturity Model which helps IT folks in these businesses to make the move to SOA. It clearly outlines how benefits can be achieved in incremental steps. There is even a useful survey tool available to help you identify the SOA profile of your own organisation. This is a great place to start understanding the business audience and to begin tailoring the messages around the benefits of SOA to the business where it is today.

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